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Getting the interest and excitement level up for your theme party starts with the invitations.

Here are a few ideas that will work for many different types of theme parties.


Newspaper Style

Scroll Type

TV Guide Style

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Ideas for Invitations

We'll cover "news" style invitations here - Newspaper themed invitation, Scroll type invitations and TV Guide type invitations with a few examples.  Remember, invitations should be sent at least two weeks in advance of the party date, and longer if the party is held during the busy fall to Christmas season.

newspaperfolded.gif (73x49 -- 1017 bytes)Newspaper Style Invitations:

This type of invitation works for just about any theme party.  Make it interesting by keeping a feel for the theme or the reason you have the party:

  • newspaperinvite.gif (84x98 -- 1798 bytes)Put something about the theme of the party in the "Headline" - big and bold:

    • for example: someone's 50th birthday:  "Fred Turns 50"  with possible a sub-heading of "Pals gather to mourn the passing of his youth".

  • In the "article" part, state the party information (date, time, etc.) and any other specifics.

  • Roll it up like a paper and wrap in brown paper, then address it.

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scrollpentrans.gif (135x75 -- 3330 bytes)Scroll Type Invitations:

scrollrolled.jpg (100x68 -- 2103 bytes)These are perfect for formal or medieval theme parties.  Wedding-style invitations are perfect for that formal touch.  Here's how to make medieval type scrolls:

  • Use parchment paper.

  • Type using script font or write (calligraphy pen) the invitation information.

  • Get clever with the wording such as "Here ye, here ye to all lads and lasses:  Thou shouldst come to the Land of the Lord (name the lord) and his good wife (name).

  • On top of the paper put a crest or family emblem - (purchased from the party or an office supply store).

  • Roll up the scroll and tie with raffia.

  • Stuff into paper towel rolls (collected up in advance) and staple the ends shut.

  • Address using medieval or "formal" looking address labels.

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tvguidezorro.jpg (80x117 -- 2915 bytes)TV Guide Style Invitations:

listings1.jpg (80x104 -- 2697 bytes)This works well with TV or Movie theme parties. Follow the TV Guide format on the cover to announce the party date and general information - don't be afraid to get cutesy.

On the other side or the inside of the invitation, use the TV Guide listing format to note the scheduled events during the party.

  • Use the time slots for the details, for example:

    • 5:00 pm  People Prepare, starring (name of guest)

    • 5:30 pm  The Hostess Panics, starring (you)

    • 6:00 pm  The Arrival, all-star cast

    • and so on for times of games, meals, etc.

  • You can also put a few "suggestions" under various time slots to get people's creative juices flowing, for example:

    • 9:00 pm  The Addams Family, Morticia and Lurch lose Grandmama.

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