Gifts for Gardeners

Gifts for Home and Garden

Yes, dear husbands, wives, sons and daughters, friends and relations of gardeners, this is the G-spot!  When the going gets tough, the tough get growing, so do them right by selecting a gift from Our Garden Gang's collection of helpful ideas.

Visit our suppliers for hard-to-find plants, garden accessories, home decor and kitchen goodies, too.

Useful Little Things

  • Seed starting trays - the 2-foot long types with the clear plastic humidity-retaining tops - they usually come with 8 inserts that hold the soil and seed - check out "Indoor Gardening" at Gardener's Supply Company.

  • Watering can - the large 2-plus gallon type to save on trips to the tap - and get the type with the removable spout tip so the gardener can get water into tight spaces

  • Soiless potting mix - check the fine print to be sure it is soiless - this is great for starting seeds, and is free of molds and weed seeds

  • Containers, pots and window boxes - they come in plastic, metal, wood, cement, and more your green-thumbed friends.

  • Cloth work gloves - cheap ones for working with compost or hauling brush are always appreciated

  • Dial-type hose end sprayer - preferably metal as these last longer - make sure it has at least mist, shower and jetstream options, and goes nicely with a Soaker hose!

  • Plastic pots - lots of 2 to 4 inch diameter pots for transplanting seedlings - dirt cheap at your local garden center

  • String and twine - various out-door strength types for use in the garden

  • Row markers - you can get fancy or plain here- basically, these are wood, metal or plastic that stick into the ground to mark and row and have some mechanism for holding the seed packet or write-on area to list what is growing in the row

  • If the gardener has a plant stand, replacement full-spectrum fluorescent bulbs will be welcome

  • Liquid or dilutable balanced fertilizer - a 20-20-20 formula with trace nutrients is a good all-purpose one

  • "No-damp" - that's a brand name, but any type of mixture that prevents seedlings from "damping off" (just ask the garden center staff) is handy

  • Rooting hormone - this comes in liquid or powder - all you need to know is if your gardener is rooting soft green things or mature woody things - ask the garden center staff

  • Peel-and-stick labels for marking seed trays and inserts - visit the local computer/office supply store for these

  • For unwanted deer or other critters in the garden, what could be more festive than a gift from!

  • Slave labor, er I mean "gift certificates" for weeding, digging, mowing, hedge trimming, etc. work that you give to your favorite gardener

Pricier Goodies

  • Tools, tools and more tools!  Handtools and larger pruners, shovels, hoes, etc., are always appreciated - look for quality ones with wooden handles and all-metal digging parts.  Check our suppliers list above left for ideas.

  • Head Light - yes that's right - an elastic contraption that goes on your head and has a battery operated light on it that can be aimed at those slugs and other nocturnal critters when doing garden-patrol or engaging in guerilla-gardening - ask for this at a mountain climber's supply (cheapest prices there)

  • GOOD gloves - usually leather ones but also rubberized ones with cloth lining to keep hands dry and provide a good grip.

  • A plant stand for indoor gardening and seed starting - these can run $200 and up - check out "Indoor Gardening" at Gardener's Supply Company

  • Shop lights - those 4-foot fluorescents - if you are handy, rig them up so they can be raised and lowered from the ceiling or other support - a "gift-certificate" for erecting them is a lovely touch

  • Mulching mower, or mulching blade and adapter for existing mowers

  • Electric or gas edge trimmer

  • For serious gardeners with large areas to till, consider a gas tiller

  • Arbors and trellises - sturdy metal or resin types that come in a box ready to assemble, or stout wood are the best

  • Stepping stones, fountains and birdbaths are also appreciated

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