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'A Christmas Crafts Party'

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For your holiday gatherings, incorporate fun stuff to do with friends and ways to keep the kids busy while grownups enjoy themselves. 

It's an easy way to make holiday festivity something to look forward to every year - you know - making new traditions for your families!

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Throw a Craft-making Theme Party

xmascrafts.jpg (150x94 -- 4248 bytes)Here are some ideas for a Christmas or Holiday Crafts-making party.  Check out the Theme Party overview page for tips on invitations, decorations, and more. Don't be shy - keep the young ones busy with making their own decorations while the grownups do their "adult" thing!  Get the older teens and those who are artistically adept involved in supervising the children's efforts.  These ideas also work well for brownie and cub scout troops and in the classroom, as well as with your Sunday School classes and community center children's activities.

Preparations and equipment:

First pick a date. You can have a holiday party from the beginning of December till the middle of January. Check out the invitations page for more ideas! The time you chose will depend on the "theme". For this project it is always nice if you have a teenager or two to supervise. Remember, it's a family thing.  Remember if kids have a project they are happy. and they do love making presents!oldclothespin1.jpg (43x100 -- 1159 bytes)

  • If it is before Christmas, you may want a craft corner for the kids. They can make ornaments for trees, gifts for teachers, family and friends, food for fun, etc. 

  • Ask parents to bring part of the craft involved so that each child has enough to work with. For example:  Santa Clause made from stick clothes pins are easy and not a real messy project. Or try toy soldiers, angels, or reindeer. 

    • If the parent you have bringing the clothes pins is willing to paint them first, then ask them to paint the top half of the soldier pin red (shirt), the bottom half black, and add eyes, nose and mouth on knobby top for face. For Santa, go with all red, and add the face on knobby top (maybe a slight black bottom for boots). 

    • Have someone bring colored construction paper, and you will also need:

      • cotton (for hair, beards, trim)

      • glue

      • string

      • black fuzzy or felt material for hat on the soldier

      • for angels, lace paper doilies work nicely.

    • You can also use scraps of fabric, lace and pompom trims to dress the clothespin creatures.

    • Glue gold or silver craft string on top to hang ornaments.

    • Clothes pin Angels:

      • Paper plates

      • milk cap

      • yellow construction paper'

      • roll of masking tape

      • glue

      • flat 4 inch wooden spoon (at craft stores)

      • clothespins

    • For angels, cut paper plate into 8 wedges and trim off points of each wedge. For halo use milk cap and trace around on yellow construction paper. trace around a roll of masking tape, or something of similar size for wings then cut this circle in 1/2. Now glue the halo onto the large end of the wooden spoon, glue wings onto back of the plate wedges. Glue body onto spoon, then glue the angel onto clothes pin.

  • Cut the construction paper or fabric scraps into all shapes and forms for the "clothing" on the clothes pins ornaments. You can trace from any picture you chose.  

  • Craft stores already have great patterns too!  Get patterns for the gardener, the fisherman, hunter, biker, hiker, etc. let the kids decorate how they wish and maybe add a pic of them to it for Christmas 2002, Happy Hanukkah, etc.

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Just ask everyone to get involved with the food - and it can become a wonderful tradition. Who's house next year? 

  • Children can decorate cupcakes or cookies

    • make up to a dozen or so for each child,

    • set up a table with icing, sprinkles, glitter and let 'em go

  • Meanwhile adults are enjoying the evening with friends and family. 

    • Each guest has brought a favorite holiday dish and the food is spread out so everyone can help themselves as they choose. 

    • The host/hostess has prepared a nice easy dish, a turkey or ham, lasagna or chili, maybe soup or beef stew anything goes. Just keep it simple - this is all about the company. 

    • Kids love hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and ravioli 

  • When no children are going to be attending (or in out of the way area) a fun thing to do:

    • set up a bar with only a few types of alcohol and mixers

    • at the bar list the "how to make" recipes of some of your favorite drinks and let the guests be their own bartender. It is a great way to bring people together. This goes for any party. Play some games and enjoy. But remember stay safe.

  • Punch

    • 1/2 gallon orange sherbet

    • 2 liters 7 up or lemon-lime soda 

    • fruit punch (if desired)

    • pour soda and punch into large bowl put scoops of sherbet on top - add ice....mmmmmmmm

  • cocktail weenies or pigs on blanket:

    • miniature hot dogs

    • Pillsbury crescent dough, lay flat and cut in half to make triangles,  and then cut in half again to make smaller triangles

    • wrap weenies from corner to corner and bake at 350 degrees till dough is golden brown.

    • serve with 'horseysauce' (mayo-horseradish mix to your liking) or mustards

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