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Best Insect Pollinators

DO IT IN THE DIRT! Keep those fruits and veggies forming by attracting pollinators to your garden.  When it comes to forming fruit, it's all about SEX.  For plants, that means the more, the merrier!

Insect Hotel

Insect Hotel

Use the handy links to find the right flowering plants for your zone. These will keep your garden flush with sexy blooms for those good bugs all growing season long.

They are more links to get some detailed information on the types of pollinating insects you'd like to attract - and - then GET A ROOM in an insect motel!

And in your spare time, start here!

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As the heat of summer sets in, it's time to pay special attention to Food Safety, Storing and Freezing our favorite summer foods.

Always remember and never forget to chow down on summer's fruits and veggies - Fiber! So you'll always have the right answer when someone asks:
Does Your Poop Float?


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Fun and Frivolity

Dog Daze of Summer "psycho" therapy for hot and bothered people!
Mirtha's Garden Wedding Guide.  Who ever said that summer romances are a thing of the past?

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Years of Our Garden Gang!
See our lovely crop of blooming idiots!

Makin Hay!  Get down and lighten up when Trot and Magi show you how it's done!

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