How to Carve Meat and Poultry

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Be a Cut-up!

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Here's how to carve like a pro

Cooking meat and poultry is not the end of the story.  It must also be expertly carved and attractively served.

The following pages have photos and instructions to provide step-by-step techniques for carving different cuts of meat.

We'll start with some general tips.

Carving Preparation and Etiquette

  • Cook properly.  On overdone or underdone cut of meat is always harder to carve.

  • Allow roasts to set 15 minutes before carving.

  • Get a good carving setimage-1299407-10377520 (1x1 -- 50 bytes) with fine steel blades and comfortable handles.  Keep a sharpened knife specially for carving.

  • Use a large, flat serving plattericon. Don't overcrowd or over-garnish the platters.  Use an extra plate for carved meat if necessary.

  • Place the meat correctly on the platter before starting to carve.  See the illustrations in the following pages.

  • When carving at the table, put the dinner plates next to the platter for easy serving, removing glasses, salad plates, etc. that might be in the carver's way.

Carving Poultry
Carving Beef
Carving Pork
Carving Lamb and Rolled Roasts

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