Carving Poultry

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Carving Poultry

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For this section, we will use the example of carving a turkey, but the same approach applies to all types of poultry.  If you are left handed, just reverse the references in the instructions to the use of right or left hand.

Carving and arranging poultry on the same platter can be awkward, so unless you have an extremely large platter, use a separate plate to arrange the sliced meat.

Carving a Turkey

poultry1.jpg (195x125 -- 4864 bytes)1. Place the turkey with the breast at the carver's left. First carve the side nearest the carver. Grasp the leg bone with the left hand and pull it away from the body as the knife in the right hand cuts the leg from the body of the bird.

poultry2.jpg (195x125 -- 5101 bytes)2. Remove the leg to an extra plate or the edge of the platter. Cut slices of dark meat from the thigh and drumstick.

poultry3.jpg (195x125 -- 4543 bytes)3. To carve white meat, hold the bird steady with a fork plunged into the wing. Make cut above the wing through to the body frame.

poultry4.jpg (195x125 -- 5362 bytes)4. Slice downward with long, even strokes beginning part way up the breast.

poultry5.jpg (195x125 -- 4957 bytes)5. Cut the next slice farther up the breast. Continue this until the tip or ridge of the breastbone is reached. Remove each slice to an extra plate or the side of the platter .

poultry6.jpg (195x125 -- 4972 bytes)6. To remove the stuffing, cut a triangle through the membrane the leg was. Spoon out through this "window."  If you have stuff the neck cavity too, use the same approach.

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