Carving Beef

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Kitchen Ade

Carving Beef

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Kitchen Ade
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For this section, we will use the example of carving a rib roast, but the same approach applies to all types of bone-in beef roasts.

The second example is for carving a porterhouse or any other bone-in type of steak.

If you are left handed, just reverse the references in the instructions to the use of right or left hand.

Carving a Rib Roast

1. Place the roast flat on the platter, rib bones at carver's left. Slice across the top of the roast with a smooth long cut to the rib bone.

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2. Use the knife tip to free the slice from the bone. Lift the slice to the platter.

3. Continue slicing across the roast until a sufficient number of slices are cut.

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Carving a Porterhouse or T-bone

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T-bone and Porterhouse steaks are both carved in the same way.  Place before the carver with the small end at the left.  Cut around the T-bone.  Remove the bone and slice across both tenderloin and striploin.  Provide some of each for every serving.

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