Carving Ham and Pork

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Carving Ham and Pork

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For this section, we will use the example of carving a turkey, but the same approach applies to all types of poultry.  If you are left handed, just reverse the references in the instructions to the use of right or left hand.

Carving and arranging poultry on the same platter can be awkward, so unless you have an extremely large platter, use a separate plate to arrange the sliced meat.

Here are the steps involved in carving hams and pork roasts:

Carving Ham   Carving Pork Shoulder 

ham1.jpg (190x146 -- 5535 bytes)1. Place the ham with the shank bone at the carver's right. Cut two or three thin slices off the edge opposite the large, round side. Turn the ham to rest on the cut surface. Start at the base of the bulge at the right. Slice down to the leg bone and along the bone as far as the knife can cut.


shoulder1.jpg (190x133 -- 5745 bytes)1. Place the roast with the shank bone to the carver's right. Remove slices from the smaller meaty side. Turn the roast on the cut surface.

ham2.jpg (190x146 -- 5849 bytes)2. Start at the right. Slice down to the leg bone. Cut out a wedge-shape piece. Remove to the platter.


shoulder2.jpg (190x133 -- 5771 bytes)2. Starting at the shank end, cut down to the leg bone, then follow along the leg bone to remove the chunky boneless cut. Place the boneless piece on cut surface. Slice across the grain.

ham3.jpg (190x146 -- 5808 bytes)3. Cut uniform slices down to the bone. Remove the slices to the platter. A properly carved ham yields 16-18 good-size horseshoe cuts.


Carving Pork Loin


porkloin.jpg (190x152 -- 6328 bytes)1. Be sure to leave the backbone in the kitchen. The carver can cut between Pork Loin Roast rib bones to make one- or two-rib portions.

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