Healthy Habits

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Kitchen Ade

Healthy Habits

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...Start in the Kitchen

We have a few ways to make you a healthier gardener, and you'll still enjoy every bite!

First on the list is our fat-busting group of articles.  The Skinny on Fat covers the gamut from good and bad fats, to types of cooking and flavoring oils - including their smoke-points and good omega fatty acid content, and solid fat-to-oil conversions.  We've even got a huge collection of tasty low-fat cooking tips and Fat Substitutions.

Next is the lowdown on bioFlavanoids, complete with a large, printable chart of foods that contain the highest amounts of this super antioxidant.

Rounding out the collection is our series on fiber. High Five for Fiber! hits the highlights and includes a chart of the highest fiber foods. Go with the Grain discusses whole grain foods with tips on adding them to your diet. Know Your Salad Greens presents a show and tell on popular and healthy leafy veggies. 

And, while healthy diets start in the kitchen, they don't end there.  Eat healthy and answer YES to the musical question Does Your Poop Float?

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