Carving Lamb and Rolled Roasts

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Kitchen Ade

Carving Lamb and Rolled Roasts

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Kitchen Ade
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Rolled boneless roasts are the easiest to carve.  Just to balance that out, we've paired it with carving a leg of lamb - one of the most difficult cuts to do well. 

If you are left handed, just reverse the references in the instructions to the use of right or left hand.

There are the steps involved in carving leg of lamb and rolled roasts:

Carving Leg of Lamb   Carving Boneless Rolled Roast 

lamb1.jpg (200x178 -- 7137 bytes)1. Place the ham with the shank bone at the carver's right. Cut two or three thin slices off the edge opposite the large, round side. Turn the ham to rest on the cut surface. Start at the base of the bulge at the right. Slice down to the leg bone and along the bone as far as the knife can cut.


rolled.jpg (200x171 -- 6351 bytes)1. Place the roast with the shank bone to the carver's right. Remove slices from the smaller meaty side. 

2. Turn the roast on the cut surface.

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2. Start at the right. Slice down to the leg bone. Cut out a wedge-shape piece. Remove to the platter.

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