Container Gardening



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Container Gardening

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Container Rules and Overview
Color and Design
Potting and Repotting
Hanging Baskets
Planting Hanging Bags
Vegetables in Containers
Layering Bulbs and Plants
Vines and Roses in Containers

cactiinboots.jpg (171x217 -- 9178 bytes)Use ANYthing for a pot - from simple, plastic, to wood or cement pots, troughs, urns, wire mesh, or barrels. 

Choose one that is in keeping with the surrounding area and the feeling you want to create. 

You don't have to buy a container at all.  Use items with whimsical value like old kettles or leaky boots. 

It's surprising what can look good when planted up with flowers.  There is so much variety, we can barely contain ourselves - pick a topic and go to pot!

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