Layering Bulbs and Plants

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Container Gardening
Layering Bulbs in Containers

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Tulips, Daffodils and grape Hyacinths in containerLayering bulbs in containers for spring or summer display is similar to making lasagna. 

Just build it by adding layers of drainage material, soil, bulbs, and mulch or groundcovers. 

In the picture ar left, the soil surface has been planted with curly parsley for a "groundcover" below and around the main planting.

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How to Layer Bulbs in Containers

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  1. First put in a foundation of drainage material and soil.  

  2. Eight inches from the top of the container, add large bulbs like tulips, gladioli, cannas, lilies, etc.  Position bulbs close together - so they are touching each other but NOT the side of the container.  

  3. Add three inches of soil.  

  4. On this layer, plant small bulbs like grape hyacinths, calla lilies, etc.  

  5. Top with three to four more inches of soil, and an inch of mulch.  You can skip the mulch and also plant a groundcover over the surface of the soil if desired.  

  6. Water in well.

  7. For spring bulbs, protect the container from extremes of cold. 

  8. Keep summer blooming bulbs well watered and fed.

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