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Trees that Attract Birds


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Here are some of the best trees to attract birds.  

The collection includes the coniferous evergreens, broadleaf evergreens and deciduous trees. 

Evergreen provide cover year round, so make sure you have a few in your garden.

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Coniferous Evergreen Trees

Mature Spruce treePINE:  Pinus sp.: "P. ponderosa, "P. monitcola, "P. contorta, P. strobus, P. bungena, P. sylvestris, P. resinosa. These are used for food and cover.

DOUGLAS FIR: Pseudotsuga menziesii. Used for food and cover.

FIR:  Abies sp.: A. grandis, A. concolor, A. lasiocarpa, A. procera, A. amabilis, A. balsamea. Used food and cover.

HEMLOCK:  Tsuga sp.: T. heterophylla. T. menensiana. T. canadensis. Used for food and cover.

SPRUCE:  Picea sp.: P. breweriana, P. stichensis, P. engelmannii. Used for food and cover.

CEDAR:  Thuja species.: T. plicata. T. occidentalis. Used for food and cover.

JUNIPER:  Juniperus sp.: J. scopulorum, J. occidentalis,, J. virginiana. Used for food and cover.

OTHER:  Chamaecyparis lawsoniana, C. nooticantensis, Taxus brevifolia.


Broadleaf Evergreen Trees

MADRONE:  Arbutus menziesii. Used for food.

EUONYMOUS:  Used for food and cover, shown above.

OTHER:  Lithocarpus densiflorus, Prunus lusitanica, Umbellaria californica, Photinia villosa.

Variegated and solid green Euonymus

MORE Plants that Attract Birds

Broadleaf Deciduous Trees

MAPLES:  Acer sp.: A. macrophyllum, A. circinatum, A. glabrum, A. negundo, A. platanoides, A. rubrum, A. saccharinum, A. saccharum. Used for food and cover.

ALDER:  Alnus sp.: A. rubra, A. sinuata. Used for food and cover.

SERVICEBERRY:  Amelanchier sp.: A. ainifolia. A. argorea. A. laeuis, A. canadensis.

DOGWOOD:  Cornus sp.: C. nuttalii, C. florida. Used for food and cover.

HAWTHORN:  Crataegus sp.: C. douglasii, C. phaenopyrum, C. oxycantha. Used for food and cover.

ASH:  Fraxinus sp.: F. latifolia, F. americana, F. pennsylvanica. Used for food.

Azaleas under crab apples

BEECH:  Fagus sp.: F. sylvatica, F. grandiflora. Used for food.

SWEET GUM:  Liquidamber styraciflua. Used for food and cover.

CRABAPPLE:  Malus sp.: M. sargentii, M. floribunda and many cultivars. Used for food and cover.

TUPELO. Nyssa sylvatica. Used for food.

CHERRY. Prunus sp:  P. emarginata, P. virginiana. Used for food and cover.

OAK. Quercus sp:  Q. garryana, Q. alba, W. coccinea, Q. palustris, Q. rubra. Used for food and cover.

MOUNTAIN ASH:  Sorbus sp.: S. aucuparia, S. sitchesis. Used for food and cover.

BIRCH:  Betula papryfera. Used for food and cover.

HAZELNUT:  Corylus sp.: C. cornuta, C. americana. Used for food and cover.

OTHER:  Populus sp. Pyrus sp. Salix sp.

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