By Debbie the Seed Queen

My Nana (paternal grandmother) was much of the inspiration for who I am today. I donít mean monetary-wise. (I donít have any money!)  I mean she has given me much more than that.  I lived beside her from age 2 until I was 11.  It was the best childhood anyone could hope for.  I had loving parents and a nasty little brother but Nana was my inspiration.       

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It was from her that I gained my love of growing things. From a kidís perspective, her property seemed huge.  But as an adult going back, it seemed to shrink somehow.

But what didnít shrink were my memories of her gardens. There was the front yard, stately, ringed with oak and maple trees.  Interspersed between the trees were masses of peony bushes, seemingly always heavy with blooms.

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Also in the front yard were the rose beds.  I donít know what she did to make them grow but they definitely did.  (Iím learning now though!)

Around the left side at the back was a huge vegetable garden.  She must have had every kind of vegetable and possibly fruit growing there.  She had several raspberry bushes, and used the berries to make the best jam and tarts in the world Ė I should know Ė I ate enough of them!

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There were masses of perennials growing against the back of the house. Lilies stood tall and proud and more roses bloomed against a fan trellis. Pansies reigned around a birdbath.  Lilac bushes provided a screen against an unwanted view.

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A sweeping willow cascaded over yet another garden and kept our driveway next door in cool shade.  When I wanted to visit, which was several times a day, I would charge up the stone path to see what she was up to. I do mean charge, since I was a bit of a tomboy at times.  She never turned away an inquisitive granddaughter.

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I think she taught me my love of growing things, good food (especially raspberry tarts); sharing your knowledge and yourself; and the beauty there is in life.  And now when I am out in my garden I feel she is working right along side of me.

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Thank you Nana,

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