Mirtha's Spring Planting Guide

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Our Garden Gang Presents...

Mirtha's and Debbie's
Spring Planting Guide!

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Mirtha Stuwort

Dearest Gardeners:

With a little help from the Seedy Queen herself, we've got the ultimate Spring Planting Guide right here at OGG!

I hope all of you Mirtha devotees have saved your seeds from last year.  Good for you!  In this installment we have hints directly from, me - Mirtha and Debbie-The-Seed-Queen of Our Garden Gang.  She swears by these tried and true methods, except for the times she swears AT them....

Don't forget to follow the dancing garlic cloves and hold them over our pictures!  So now without further ado hereís your dynamic duo, Mirtha and Debbie!

Mirtha Stuwort

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Starting  Seeds

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Mouse-over pic
to see DTSQs way!

Mirtha: Ok all you seedy characters out there, listen up! Get your seedlings started approximately 6 weeks before planting time in your area.  Those little mini greenhouse trays are good for a sunny window if you donít have a setup like me.  (I have a number of professional greenhouses you know!)

Debbie: Well Mirtha not everyone is as blessed as you are so I save the clear muffin containers or cake pans with the clear lids from the grocery store and put some soil in the empty (clean) cups and sow a few seeds in each one.  For more hints, see Auntie's Seedling Helper page.

Testing the Soil

Debbie:  Well how do you know the ground is ready for planting?

Mirtha: Iíll take this one Queenie.

Debbie: Oooooookay.

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Mouse-over robe

Mirtha: According to legend (after all I am one!), wait till the moon is high in the sky and quietly slip out the back door and into the garden wearing ONLY your Mirtha Stuwort designer robe.  Once in the garden itself, quickly lift up your robe and set your bared posterior on the freshly turned soil.  If it is cool on your bottom donít jump up too fast Ė we want the only full moon to be the one in the sky!

So if it feels nice and warm, itís time to plant.  Watch out for wormies and snakes when you do this test. I had a nasty experience once Ė but we WONíT go there!

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Mouse-over worm!

Debbie: Wow Ė O Great Garden Goddess Ė I will have to try that!  I have my own tried and true super-duper veggie hint!

Mirtha: Will you please tell?  And Iíve thought Iíve heard them all!

Debbie: Heh, heh, not this one, O Media Diva!  I have been asked and asked and asked again about the incredible success of my garden, my lush fruits and vegetables, my abundant flowers and foliage.

Luschious Fruit

Mirtha: Tell me Ė tell me!  I have to know!  (Maybe I could use this on my show!)

Debbie:  Ok, ok, - donít get your knickers in a twist!  It is actually very simple and cost free.

Mirtha:  HmmmÖ.no merchandise tie-ins Ė I donít think I like this!

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Mouse-over cukes

Debbie:  Donít worry Ė I am POSITIVE you will find a way.  Ok now, letís see, itís similar to yours, in that you have to wait until dark and sneak out into your garden.  And make sure your neighbors donít see you.  You have to do this while your plants are forming their vegetables Ė so timing is crucial.  Go up to your tomato patch for example and quickly whip open your housecoat and flash them!  This makes the tomatoes a lovely shade of red but it is especially effective on cucumbers!

Mirtha: Well you do have the best zucchinis in town, Iíll say that!  Oh, I donít think I can try that!  I always have a TV crew following me around.  (But it sounds like fun!)

Well I think thatís enough hints - for some good advice - go here to Auntie's Spring Shift page.

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      Goodbye from Mirtha!

Goodbye from DebbieTheSeedQueen!      

Happy Gardening!

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