Mother's Day Mirtha

Our Garden Gang Presents...

Spring Forward with Mirtha and Debbie

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Mirtha Stuwort
Mirtha Stuwort

Dearest Gardeners:

DebbieTheSeedQueen joins us in a celebration of spring!  So wake up from your winter hibernation and spring forth!  
I hope all of you have cleaned your garden tools and planned your Mother's Day festivities! 

Don't forget to follow the dancing flowers and hold them over our pictures to see the surprises behind!  So now without further ado here’s US - your dynamic duo, Mirtha and Debbie!

Mirtha Stuwort

Debbie the Seed Queen

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Debbie: Mirtha, Mirtha!  Wake up now!  Winter is over - time to come out of hibernation. You have work to do woman!

Mirtha: Grrr...leave me alone queenie! I need a few more, I mean hours before I'm human again.

Debbie: Well you do look a bit grizzly old girl. Here's a nice double latte mocha cappachino no-cinnamon smoothie to get you going!

Mirtha: (sips gratefully) Ah, that's much better o seedy one. What's the rush about though?

Debbie: (Hands Mirtha her patented "Mirtha Stuwort" Day Planner). Check what today is, Miss M.

Mirtha: Oh my! Thanks for getting me motivated this morning. We DO have work to do! First off let's talk about: 

Proper Gardening Attire

Debbie: Oh Mirtha?! What would you suggest for the proper gardening attire?

Mirtha: Funny you should ask that, o seedy one. This month I am launching my new line of Mirtha Stuwort gardening ensembles. Very chic indeed.

Debbie: Hmm, well what does it consist of? I am curious.

Mirtha: I'll tell you - I just love to talk about it. You know, my dear, that every gardener worth his (or her salt), may get a trifle dirty while working in their garden. So, being the practical person that I am, I have invented a new material called, "M-Tex." The dirt just rolls right off it.

Before and after Gardening with Mirtha!
Mouse over Debbie to see
how Martha gardens...

Debbie: Wow Mirtha! Do you realize that this means for you?

Mirtha: Yes - about approximately 50 million dollars. Oh! You're not talking about money, are you?

Debbie: Um, no Mirtha, but never mind. I am practical too, so I just wear whatever is handy. I have even been known to pull weeds in my jammies.

Mirtha: You have weeds in your jammies? I always knew you were a bit strange queenie dear.

Thinking of Mom

Debbie: Don't go there Mirtha! Just don't go there! Let's change the subject. Did you know we have one thing in common?

Mirtha: And what might that be? Now it's my turn to be curious.

Debbie: Well. we each have a mother!

Mirtha: Oh my heavens! Does this mean we're sisters?

Debbie: No, no, no! (God forbid!) I mean we each have a different mother.  And since Mother's Day is coming up, how about a lovely gift basket to show how much we appreciate her?

Mirtha: Oh that does sound lovely!  I hope the readers check out our whimisical ODE TO MOTHERS!

A gift basket for MOM!
Mouseover basket to see 
what to put in it for Mom.

Debbie: It is. First off - find a strong basket. After all, she'll need to tote her stuff in it. Add some pruners and shears. A nice hat to keep the sun off her head is great! Oh - some seeds and plant labels are a must. If there's room, throw in a pair of rubber boots. And of course, a plant to add the touch of life to it.

Mirtha: Oh that's perfect! I wouldn't mind one of them myself!

Debbie: Hmmm.I might be able to arrange that my dear.

Mirtha: Well thank you o seedy one, you're not so bad after all.

Debbie: Ah, you're ok too Mirtha. (in small doses that is) But it's time for:  

Wacky Gardening Hints

Debbie: I have a problem Mirtha. Last year I planted some annuals and some critters used them as salad.

Before and after "hair trick" for critters!
Mouseover Magi for
 the "after" picture...

Mirtha: Aha! I have just the cure for you. Go to your hairdresser and ask them to save all their "sweepings" for you. The hair repels your unwanted guests. (I wonder if Magisark would let us give her a haircut - she has such gorgeous long hair!)

Debbie: Wowsers! I am going to try that. I have a hint for you too. I had squirrels eating my carefully planted bulbs until I started sprinkling good old baby powder on them. Works like a charm.

Mirtha: Hey that's easy. I can handle that. Want to hear a really wild idea?

Debbie: Sure - let's hear it!

Mirtha: I know of a sure fire way to keep deer out of your garden without resorting to building fences and other such enclosures. I don't know how to phrase this - but - um - oh heck I am just going to say it.  Here goes: have a male (human) "liquidate" around the perimeter of your garden. That REALLY repels the deer. They won't go where that "smell" is present.

Debbie: Oh sheesh Mirtha - I really am going to find me a man now! But what do you do Mirtha?'t have a man either.

Mirtha: Money, dear, money. A little green works wonders.

Debbie: You mean you pay someone to come over and er..? LOL! You are truly one-of-a-kind!

Mirtha: Yes - and we are quite a pair!

Debbie: On that note, let's bid adieu! Say goodbye Mirtha.

Mirtha: Goodbye Mirtha.

Goodbye and happy Mothers' Day!

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Happy  Gardening!

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