3rd Birthday Mirtha-2

Our Garden Gang Presents...

The OGG Staffers!

Meet the talented, helpful and zany OGG Staffers.  We have taken just a few liberties with some of the candid photos (tee hee). They may take a few moments to download.  You can also see the whole gang here!

Mirtha Stuwort  

Heeere's Nmom!

Ninjamom and Ninjadad
Mouseover Nmom and
Ndad-see Nmom at 3.

My name is Ninjamom - born in the past, living in the present and looking forward to the future.

As a child I was a curly haired, freckled face, thin as a rake, athletic kid. 

I met my husband when we were childhood friends and we grew up together and we married in the late 70s we had our children in the 80s and 90s.  

We are also managers of a small floral and gift shop in our town.

I also manager a new but successful MSN group called The Country Teapot where two of our members have met and are on the way to a happy life together!

Emom says

It could be Emom!
Mouseover to see
3 year old Emom

I live in the beautiful state of Vermont, but persist in calling it the state of confusion, but I guess my gardening techniques and cooking ideas have led me to seek comfort in the fact that I am not alone. I wandered into OGG one Sunday morning (a year and a half ago) to discover an entire world of fun loving folks who enjoy gardening, cooking and a good laugh. 

I enjoy "fix-er-uppers" which includes dis ole house, and I love to read. My passions are my family and in particular my hubby, and we both enjoy country living. Perhaps the best thing that I discovered about myself since joining OGG, is the fact that I have a greater passion for a challenge. I am in the process of changing jobs right now and the main reason for changing is there was no room to grow, nor anything left to learn. So I'm off to learn something new again....and not for the last time.

Wren's a Tweetie!

Our Wren!
Mouseover Wren to 
see her as a baby!

I am a computer novice but am learning all the time.  Presently working in sales, but looking to advance in the near future.  

I am spunky and will stick up for what I believe in.  

Usually, I'm up at the crack of dawn because you know…the early bird gets the worm so to speak! 

I belong to numerous other gardening groups but OGG is the first one I joined.

Magisark Dances

Mouseover Magi
to see her at 3

Magisark dances with words!

Well I found OGG by accident.  I fell in love with the site and the people there and just stayed. 

I am a retired Veterinary Technician (25 years) amongst other things.  I grew up as an “air force brat” and even lived in Turkey for a year. 

Very recently married to a wonderful cutie patootie man and enjoying my new life and new family! 

I'm also enjoying the challenge of gardening and designing in a new environment (Florida) - sand, heat and hurricanes! 

(And she does her own section here on OGG Magi's Bring it on Home)


Debbie The Seed Queen
Mouseover Debbie
to see her at 3

Debbie would like you to know:  People say I have a “bubbly” personality.  I have lived in a small rural town for the past 35 years and been best friends with Ninjamom for the last 18 or so.  Faced cancer and beat it!  Love my cat and 'puter and garden.  Love to do crafts and write and play with computer graphics.  

I found OGG when I wandered into the chat room and was hooked ever since.  I have an “odd” sense of humour and love to sing even if no one loves to listen.  Also Asst. Manager of Odd People, OE Stationery, Web Design.  (Heck I am busy!)

(PS:  Debbie is also our "Mirtha")

BygBro is watchable...

We hope it's Byg Bro!
This could be BygBro
...and his pic at 3

Byg Brother says:  My name says it all.  I am the OGG site’s resident Big Brother.  I keep an eye on all these lovely ladies and keep them in check.  

Some people have asked me what my real name is.  Suffice it to say it is not “George Orwell”.  Ha!  I love to garden – it’s a real challenge and I am learning lots here and trying to help out others.

There they are - what a great crew!  And NOW for their favorite dishes...

  • Ninjamom: Breakfast Parfaits

  • Elliott's Mom: Summer Chowder

  • Wren: Dessert Worms

  • Magisark: Latkes!

  • Byg Brother: Fried Green Tomatoes

  • DebbieTSQ: Pepper Relish

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