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The Best Roses to Grow for 2008!
All America Rose Selections 2008 Winners


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Dream Come True (grandiflora)


Dream Come TrueDream Come True is a stunning sight of catchy colors, which lures the likes of even non-rose lovers to its side.  This rose produces flawlessly formed yellow blossoms, blushed with ruby-red at the tips, all set amongst abundant matte green foliage. The big, bushy vigorous plant yields long-stemmed, long-lived blooms with mild tea fragrance, making it lovely in the landscape and a great choice for bouquets.

Dream Come True was hybridized by Dr. John Pottschmidt of Cincinnati, Ohio only the 3rd amateur hybridizer to win the AARS Award in 67 years and introduced by Weeks Roses of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

Class:   Grandiflora
Plant Habit:   Medium tall
Growth Habit:  Upright and bushy
Stem Length:  Long
Foliage Color:   Abundant matte green
Disease Resistance:  Fully resistant to black spot, powdery mildew
Flower Color:   Yellow blushed ruby red
Hardiness Zone 5, Zone 4 with winter protection
Bud Form:   Pointed fat and full
Flower Form:   Double and formal
Flower Size:   Up to 5 inches
Petal Count:   About 40
Fragrance:   Mild tea

Mardi Gras


Mardi Gras

With flamboyant blooms in a novel blend of pink, orange, and yellow, and a delightful peppery scent, Mardi Gras creates a festive atmosphere in any setting. Each high-centered hybrid tea style bloom begins as an apricot-orange bud that slowly spirals open to reveal a 4-inch bright pink and orange bloom with a yellow base. As an All-America Rose Selections (AARS) winner, this festive floribunda has proven to perform exceptionally well across the country with little-to-no care. The colorful blooms are perfectly framed with dark green, semi-glossy foliage, and its upright columnar habit makes Mardi Gras an ideal rose to use as a hedge or in a border with mixed perennials.

Class:   Floribunda
Plant Habit:   Four feet tall
Growth Habit:  Upright, well-branched and hedge like
Stem Length:  16-20 inches
Foliage Color:   Semi glossy, dark green
Hardiness Zone 5
Disease Resistance:  Good
Flower Color:   Yellow orange that becomes increasingly pink at the finish
Flower Size:   4 inches
Petal Count:   20-25
Fragrance:   Moderate, peppery
Parentage:   unnamed seedling x Singin' in the rain

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